TAXATION: French companies argue against country-by-country tax transparency

Brussels, 21/04/2017 (Agence Europe)The French employers’ group, Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF), is greatly concerned at the European Commission’s proposal to introduce public country-by-country reporting (CbCR) requirements, but has given up on repeating the well-known comments about jeopardising competitiveness. MEDEF has decided to submit tangible examples to MEPs to demonstrate the scale of the risks run by companies.

In a document submitted to MEPs and seen by this newsletter, MEDEF highlights ‘unfair competition (for industrial and commercial sectors):...

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Europe Diplomacy & Defense No. 979
Turkey denounces EU's call for transparent investigation into potential irregularities during referendum

Brussels, 19/04/2017 (EDD)During the evening of Tuesday 18 April, Turkey’s Minister for European Affairs Ömer Celik described as “unacceptable” the call made by the European Commission earlier that day for a transparent investigation into possible irregularities during the referendum on constitutional review held on 16 April.

Speaking during a press conference, the minister said...

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1953 - 2017

On 12 March 1953, the first issue of the daily news bulletin "Europe" was published, and we are therefore celebrating our sixty-fourth anniversary. This is a ripe old age for a press agency, but is not extraordinary in and of itself: older news agencies exist, some of them much older. What is unusual about us is that we are exactly as old as the first European Community, the forerunner of today's European Union. In July 1952, the Paris Treaty came into force, giving rise to the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), and it was at the beginning of 1953 that the "ECSC levy" started being applied, the first European tax. In February 1953, the coal and steel markets were opened up to the six participating countries. This moment marked the end of prehistory and the beginning of history for the united Europe, and Agence Europe's newsletter took on its role of closely following developments in Europe's history from one day to the next.

Bulletin Quotidien Europe 11772 - 22/4/2017
TAXATION: French companies argue against country-by-country tax transparency
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